Tour d'Esturgeon

Have you ever tasted Caviar with Life?

We have to thank just one species of fish for caviar, the so-called «black gold»: the sturgeon, which has lived in the waters of our northern hemisphere for over 250 million years.

Here at KASPERSKIAN, we offer you the chance to see sturgeons live. On our Sturgeon Tour, you do not only find out more about this remarkable creature, but also get to try our unique Caviar with Life at the tasting afterwards.


Included on the «Sturgeon Tour»:

  • visit the KASPERSKIAN sturgeons (with explanations from our Fish Master)
  • caviar tasting (7g Caviar with Life PREMIUM Selection) with a glass of champagne (1dl) or vodka (2cl)
  • 1 snack
  • 1 soft drink


Price for up to 6 People:        CHF 129.00 p/P

Price for 7 or more people:   CHF 99.00 p/P

Date On Request
Price per person129.00 CHF
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