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“Gift of Life” UK is a sister charity to the Russia-based charity “Podari Zhizn”.

Podari Zhizn (“Give Life”) is a leading charity in Russia in the field of childhood cancer support. Each year, it provides help and support to over 2,000 patients in different hospitals all around Russia.

And so, Gift of Life UK was established in 2011 as a sister charity to Podari Zhizn. The two charities work hand-in-hand to maximise care for the children of Russian families who might otherwise have no hope for successful treatment.

Our collaboration with them:

To support Gift of Life’s actions, we decided to transfer 20% of the revenues generated via our web shop at the end of the year 2017 to the charity. Thus by purchasing ethical and sustainable KASPERSKIAN Caviar you will also contribute to the improving childhood cancer support.