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Kasperskian caviar with Live


KASPERSKIAN Caviar with Life


Have you tried Caviar with Life yet? 

At KASPERSKIAN, we not only produce what is probably the best caviar in the world, but we also ensure that our sturgeon continue to live.

That‘s what makes all the difference with our Caviar with Life!


For millions of years, the Swiss part of the Rhone in Switzerland was the natural habitat of sturgeon. Then the dams were built. We are very proud to  bring this critically endangered species back to their ancestral homeland.

KASPERSKIAN sturgeon live in the purest of sparkling, crystal-clear water and are fed on a perfect diet. They are very well cared for, and looked after with the utmost devotion by our expert team. Our sturgeon produce their caviar naturally over a long and healthy lifetime, not just once but many times.

The purity, taste and texture of KASPERSKIAN Caviar with Life make it exclusive and unique. Every "pearl" has its special character. Nothing is added to nature's creation other than a little salt to bring out the flavours, making it a truly unequalled gastronomic luxury.

We are the only producer of "Caviar with Life" who operates within approved international legal standards.



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